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CEUTIA will research and prepare policy messages that identify impediments to the conclusion and implementation of CETA. CEUTIA will also propose counter narrative to the CETA sceptics. 

CEUTIA will inform the Canadian and EU authorities about business issues and work  through the CETA institutional architecture to seek a resolution to these issues. 


CEUTIA will organise profiling events such as workshops, round tables on issues  illustrating areas of collaboration between EU and Canada. For example Transatlantic dialogue on Security; Canadian contribution to EU energy security; CETA: one year after signing.

CEUTIA will also organise delegation visits to meet EU officials in Brussels or Canadian officials in Ottawa on specific issues. 


CEUTIA enables access to information on the CETA ratification process and the state of play of implementation both at the political and the technical level.


CEUTIA will also provide access to information on EU policy, regulatory and financing issues that can influence your business.

CEUTIA will also enable access to research and analyses on EU activities and explain how it can benefit CEUTIA members.

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